About Charcoal House

Our retail site, BuyActivatedCharcoal.com, went live on the Internet July 2006 and now offers the largest and most diverse line of activated charcoal-related products anywhere in the world, with more products to be added. We invite our customers, manufacturers, and developers to contact us about any charcoal products that they think we might carry on our site.

Activated Carbon/Charcoal

Our activated charcoals include a diversified range of products for air/vapor applications, odor elimination, water/liquid applications, food and beverage filtration, fluoride and heavy metal removal, USP grade activated charcoals for medicinal/pharmaceutical applications. Other uses include health and beauty products, aquariums applications, toxic soil decontamination, and much more. These activated charcoals are made from bamboo, coconut shell, hardwood, and sub-bituminous coals. While we list only the more common grades and sizes of powder, we also offer other custom grades.

If you have not already heard, there is a world buzz about the tremendous short-term and long-term benefits that accrue from adding Biochar (simple charcoals from renewable sources) back into soils. This interest has been primarily fueled by research into the terra preta soils of the Amazon basin in South America. From backyard gardeners, research universities to agri-business, reports are coming in that confirm, supplementing weak or depleted soils, with either bulk amounts of pure biochar or smaller amounts of inoculated biochars, is clearly beneficial - beneficial to soils, economically beneficial to farmers, beneficial to water aquifers, beneficial to the environment, and beneficial to world economies. We look forward to further developing our product line (Charcoal Green®) in this exciting new field of soil enrichment.

House Brands
We carry three house brands Fire Brand™ SeriesPure Non-Scents® and Charcoal Green®. With the growing interest in all brands we plan to offer more products. Fire Brand™ Series will offer more grades of bulk Granular Activated Charcoal (GAC). Pure Non-Scents® will target odor-eliminating applications including body odor products, fabrics, clothing, face masks, and soaps. Charcoal Green® focuses on biochar/agrichar applications for enhancing soil productivity, soil detox, increasing moisture retention and seed germination, and reducing carbon loss from soils.




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