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SAMPLE - GRANULAR Activated Charcoal-Coconut 12x40 mesh - CHLORAMINE Removal

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Our GAC1240-CAT (12x40 Mesh) is a non-chemically impregnated granular activated carbon charcoal made from high-quality coconut shell. Surface modified to significantly enhance the rapid decomposition of chloramines, sulfides, and hydrogen sulfide from drinking water.



Fire Brand™ Enhanced Activated Carbon Charcoal for CHLORAMINE removal. Made from high quality coconut shell. A non-chemically impregnated activated carbon, surface modified to significantly enhance the rapid decomposition of noxious compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and chloramine, and other organics.

This is especially important for people concerned with the cumulative effects of chloramine in drinking water, in fish aquariums, fish ponds, lobster and bait fish tanks. Many animals are also at risk for chloramine poisoning.

Size: 12 x 40 U.S. Sieve No.

MULTIPLE SACKS or PALLET ORDERS - please contact us for PRICE BREAKS & SHIPPING COSTS (1-888-264-5568)

Approx. 28 lbs/ cu. ft.


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