SAMPLE - POWDER Activated Charcoal-Hardwood - High Activity

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Samples of Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder - High Activity


Samples of Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder - High Activity

These are 1/2 pint containers.

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This is a very high-activity Powder Activated Charcoal (PAC) with an extremely high surface area and a large number of pores in the meso pore range. It is specifically designed for the adsorption of large quantities of high molecular weight substances including pigments. It has a broad range of filtering applications but is sometimes used therapeutically in baths and poultices. It is made from eastern hardwood (USA) and meets the food-grade quality of activated charcoal as defined in the current edition of the Food Chemicals Codex and is Certified NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

  • High adsorption capacity and efficiency
  • Food-grade quality
  • Highly developed meso pore structure

Sieve Size:

   % thru 100 mesh (150μ)
   % thru 200 mesh (75 μ)
   % thru 325 mesh (45μ)


90 - 100%
60 - 80%
40 - 60% 

 Surface Area (m2/g)  2000 - 2400
 Iodine Number (mg/g)  1200 minimum
 Moisture  10% maximum as packed
 Apparent Density (lbs/ cu. ft.)  21 - 23
 Ash  3 - 6%
 pH  4 - 6 typical

This information has been gathered from the manufacturer and/or test data, and is assumed to be accurate and reliable. Blog