Charcoal Air Vent Filter - 5 Pack

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Easy to install Vent Filter by PURE NON-SCENTS®. A Super Natural Remedy for unwelcome odors such as smoke & cooking odors. KILLS HOUSEHOLD DUST MITES. Economical too!


PURE NON-SCENTS® Charcoal Air Vent Filter, A Super Natural Remedy, for smoke and other annoying odors such as laundry room and cooking smells. Ideal for apartments, condos and town houses where your neighbor's smoke and unwelcome odors enters your home.

A simple and economical solution to big smells. Helpful to allergy sufferers. How?
Read the amazing research.

Activated Charcoal Fibers Kill Dust Mites.

So easy to install!  
Just remove the floor or ceiling vent/register.  Cut the activated charcoal fabric to fit the vent.  Place the activated charcoal fabric inside the vent, on the other side and then put the vent into place and that is it!

Not recommended for use directly on furnaces.

5 Vents per package
4.25" x 14" x 1/8" thick

CUSTOM SIZES - contact us if you require custom sizes. Blog